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This rock waterfall is a great feature to the swimming pool design but they do need upkeep and repair at times.  They can develop leaks and if your have a salt water pool, you should be having those rocks and your deck coated to protect them from erosion.

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These Pump and Skimmer baskets are beyond full and in danger of damaging the filter pumps because leaves fell into the pool and didn't get removed quickly. Many leaves get past the skimmer baskets or main drain and go directly into the pump basket or worse, the pump itself. ​​


I've seen for years that folks with pools and trees have a big nuisance in the fall and spring.  Potentially costing up to a $1500 or more for a new pump.  Know your pool seasons and keep your filter pump from melting because you forgot to clean those baskets every couple of hours in the fall.  When the leaves start falling, its crunch time!  You might consider trimming the trees back this year before fall so fewer leaves get into your pool from now on!