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Swimming Pool & Spa Equipment Troubleshooter w/ 30+ Years of Industry Experience

We do Swimming Equipment Pool Repair of all types.  Pumps, Filters, Digital Controls, Time Clocks, Ozonators, Chlorinators, Salt/Chlor Generators, Auto Cleaners, Valves and plumbing connected to these products.  Hydraulics and the proper sizing of your pumps and filters is critical to your pool & spa operation and efficiency!

Salt Systems are a popular product on pools these days.  They can help sanitize the water "with a softer feel" by generating chlorine from salt ( as long as adequate salt is maintained in the pool water ) and are generally  pretty  reliable. They do however need  maintenance occasionally and replacement cost every few years are quite high. 

In the photo below left, the Pool equipment is prosibly 40 years old and while the owner kept it painted nicely, most pump and filter parts were very hard if not impossible to find.  We replaced both items at a reasonable price to get the equipment more modernized and water maintenance more efficient.

Your equipment, in particular the filter, is very important to pay special attention too.  Below right, that cartridge filter has filtered a lot of dust from the pool water and is due to be cleaned or replaced!  The pressure was very high and the heater would not stay on due to poor water flow through these cartridges.